Large Wool Dryer Balls

These American made Large Wool Dryer Balls are a natural alternative to dryer sheets. They reduce cost, drying time, static and wrinkles and even soften your clothes. They are made using 100% domestic wool to support the local economy and the U.S. farming industry.

Using wool dryer balls is a simple way to reduce harmful chemicals in your home that can come in contact with your family's skin and to reduce your carbon footprint.

Reduce drying time by 10%-25% saving you money and time. They can pay for themselves in a few short months.

Each box contains 3 wool dryer balls.

How Do Dryer Balls Work?

These simple wool dryer balls work by tumbling around with your laundry and separating the fabrics and keeping your items from clumping together. While they are tumbling around, they also help fight wrinkles, prevent static and soften your clothes.

Wool dryer balls are natural and environmentally friendly. They help absorb moisture, improve drying time and are the quietest option when they bounce around in the dryer.


Soften clothes
Reduce drying time
Conserve energy
Chemical free
Reusable for hundreds of loads

Made in America from domestic wool

Size: 3 1/2 inches wide. 3 balls per box. Size is approximate.

Made in: Camden, ME

Lead time: 1 to 3 days

About the Manufacturer

Camden, ME

>Shop Local Maine

Loohoo is Mom owned and operated since 2010 and is committed to "the health of families everywhere." Loohoo is also an environmentally responsible company. The wool they use is sourced 100% from within the U.S. to support the local economy and U.S. farmers. Way to go Loohoo!

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Something Different
Hi Drew. Thanks for your review of the Large Wool Dryer Balls. We're glad to hear that they're working for you and we hope they help you reduce time and energy usage. Thanks too for supporting LocalWe and small business. It makes a big difference.

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