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New Jersey's state motto is "Liberty and prosperity."

LocalWe is proud to offer Unique Handmade gifts from local New Jersey small businesses:

Edye's Naturals (Lawrence Township, NJ) | PCB Home (Cranbury, NJ) | More coming soon!

Edye's Face & Body Butter - Organic
Edye's Naturals from $21.00 $40.00
Edye's Lemon Cleansing Oil
Edye's Naturals $26.00 $30.00

Edye's Organic Skincare Gift Set
Edye's Naturals $85.00 $100.00
Eucalyptus Bunch Pillow
PCB Home from $20.99

Floral Bike Lumbar Pillow
PCB Home from $20.99
Floral Bike Watercolor Pillow
PCB Home from $20.99

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