Our Story

Dear Friend:

Do you find yourself searching for that perfect gift? Would you prefer to shop for unique, handmade and local gifts? Then you are the type of shopper who inspired the founding of LocalWe.

LocalWe is passionate about supporting local small businesses.

Shop Local for Your Gifts

Each gift you purchase through our website supports a local, small business and good job opportunities that benefit the business community at large. We are an alternative to buying mass produced gifts through the big retailers.

So whether you’re shopping for something produced in your state or a gift that’s just right for a loved one who lives elsewhere in the United States, you can be sure to discover a unique selection of locally produced gifts on our website.

The LocalWe Manufacturers

Our broad assortment of gifts are handmade, hand-carved, hand-painted and locally produced and sourced. LocalWe seeks manufacturers for our site that:

  • are family and employee owned and operated,
  • are physically located in the United States,
  • produce products in the United States, and 
  • follow sustainable practices.

You’ll also find that many of our merchants have their own unique stories, are individually involved in community give back efforts and support their own organizations.

My Personal Passion

As a socially responsible business, a portion of LocalWe’s time and profits goes to benefit charitable organizations and community causes. Our efforts are focused on helping children in need to realize their full potential.

As Founder of LocalWe, I am personally committed to shopping local. It was this personal shopping preference that ignited an entrepreneurial spark in me, leading to the birth of LocalWe.

My vision to harness the buying power of individual consumers who prefer to shop local started to take form. Although successful in my career, I left it to pursue my dream full time. I now have more flexibility to give back to my local community in service and I am a volunteer team leader at a local food bank. I continue to seek opportunities where donating my time and talents can make a positive impact on my community.

Discovering Small Businesses

Many small businesses produce unique, interesting and exceptional quality gifts, the trick is finding the right Makers and Artisans. LocalWe discovers gifts produced throughout the United States, making it more convenient for you to shop locally. The result is becoming a robust internet platform that rivals that of other large, online marketplaces, where you can discover and purchase distinctive gifts while receiving topnotch customer service.

Our Pledge To You

LocalWe offers unique and interesting quality gifts, continually seeking out new manufacturers that meet our criteria. We are dedicated to making you, our customers, happy 100% of the time. We strive for excellent customer service and are willing to do what it takes to delight you.

LocalWe’s Vision

Our vision is to be the top selling, socially-responsible online shop for a broad range of unique, locallyproduced gifts with customer service that exceeds our customers' expectations.

As Founder of LocalWe, I personally stand behind the efforts of my business in working to realize our vision, and vow to work steadfastly on the realization of that vision.

In Closing

I am thankful to my family, friends and mentors for their faith in me and for their ongoing support.

If you have any questions, please email me. I’d love to hear from you. I also invite you to spread the word to your family, friends and colleagues to further support LocalWe’s vision.

Thank you for your time and for visiting our website.

Glenn Myers

LocalWe is an online marketplace for unique handmade and local gifts all made by small businesses.

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