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Funny kid wearing flight goggles playing with a handmade wooden toy ariplane

5 Reasons We Love Handmade Wooden Toys (Hint: #1 is "No Screens.")

October 28, 2019

Handmade Wooden Toys bring a little of that old-fashioned world back to our kids, keeping their faces away from the many screens in our lives and helping them to build their own cherished memories.
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Young man with half of his face shaved holds his razor and frets over whether or not he wants to celebrate Movember or No-Shave November

To Beard or Not to Beard?

October 18, 2019

Let the faceoff begin! Hairy versus hairless - what’s your preference? Either way, November offers a great opportunity to create awareness around men's health issues.
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The words 'That's Don' point at a craftsman who is making the hang loose sign because he is proud of his work.

Wooden Utensils Handmade Like the Good Old Days

October 17, 2019

Ah, the Good Old Days, remember them? I sound like my father. But there were some, at least when it came to how handmade wooden utensils were made.
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funny pretty young woman with a white towel wrapped around her drying hair, with white skincare cream on her face and her finger on her nose

Is Your Skincare Routine Helping or Hurting?

October 01, 2019

You slather this goop on your face as part of your nightly ablutions in hopes that it will stave off the effects the years may have on your once youthful appearance. But is your nightly routine helping or hurting?
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Photo of woman dressed as Rosie-the-Riveter, representing the American Businesswomen; shop local | LocalWe

Cheers to the Women Who Turn Talent into Business

September 20, 2019

In recognition of American Business Women's Day, LocalWe shines the spotlight on the many artisans-turned-businesswomen we work with every day. These artists make unique gifts for every occasion and every person in your life - including yourself.
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Picture of a lady wearing handmade Boho Chic Jewelry: hazel-colored eyes, wide, beautiful lady: pale skin and brown long hair in a blue off-the-shoulder dress, purple jewelry hair piece, earrings and matching ring, with her hand over her mouth

Boho Chic Jewelry will Make Her Go "Oh" for Your Gorgeous Gift

September 05, 2019

You're looking for a stunning, gorgeous gift for her. But it must be special and unique. Think about giving her some handmade Boho Chic Jewelry.
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Handsome happy smiling man with funny mustache and closed eyes combing his big beard. Beard care | LocalWe

Beard Grooming Tips: 5 Ways to Maintain Your Beard

June 22, 2019

Growing a beard is one thing, but keeping it looking good is a different beast entirely. It takes daily care and attention to detail to keep your beard looking its best.
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Picture of blond hair excited middle-aged lady looking surprised at the flower bouquet given by her man who sits in a car. Shop local gifts at LocalWe.

Thoughtful and Unique Gift Ideas for Mom Anytime of the Year

May 28, 2019

Throughout the year, there are several times when you’ll find yourself shopping for the perfect gift for your mom or that special lady in your life.
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Picture of a smiling girl with red hair proudly holding a hand carved wood spoon. Shop local gifts with LocalWe.

What’s So Great About Wooden Spoons? 4 Things.

April 25, 2019

When cooking, choosing the the right utensils can mean the difference between a wonderful experience and one that’s just so-so.
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Picture of a mother and daughter in curlers making funny faces and having a fun time on mother's day. Shop local mother's day gifts at LocalWe.

The History of Mother's Day

April 24, 2019

If there's anyone who deserves a day of honor, it's Mom. But where did the tradition of Mother's Day come from?
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Small Business Profile: Mary Elizabeth Arts

Small Business Profile: Mary Elizabeth Arts

January 14, 2019

Mary Elizabeth Arts creates original art and hand-painted glassware on their family farm in Chapel Hill, NC.
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Small Business Profile: Lever Gear

Small Business Profile: Lever Gear

October 24, 2018

Lever Gear designs great-looking products that solve real problems in Greenville, SC.
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