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Discover our New unique goods handmade by local Artisans and small businesses. All of our items are made in the USA. The specific city and state are listed on each product page.

Tavern Puzzle - Iron Heart
Dennis Sucilsky $24.99
Tavern Puzzle - Old Shackles
Dennis Sucilsky $24.99
Tavern Puzzle - Tinker's Bell
Dennis Sucilsky $24.99
Handmade Wood Spurtle
The Archote Family $26.99

Vintage Spoons - Bee Happy
Chelsea Bumgarner $18.99
Vintage Spoons - Hey Sugar
Chelsea Bumgarner $18.99
Handmade Wood Heart Bowl
Forever Green Art $34.99

Artisan Wood Pizza Cutter
Dave Wurz $42.00 $49.00

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