American Made PocketMonkey X - Credit Card Multi Tool


PocketMonkey X - Credit Card Multi Tool

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The PocketMonkey X - Credit Card Multi Tool is made in America from heat treated Stainless Steel. With 21 functions, it fits easily into your wallet so it's always there when you need it. Open bottles, tighten screws or bolts, prop up your phone, it helps with life's everyday tasks without weighing you down or crowding your wallet.

Makes a great gift for your favorite friend who loves being prepared for anything.

TSA compliant, so you can take it with you whenever you fly.

Made in America from heat treated Stainless Steel.

Patented design.

PocketMonkey X - Credit Card Multi Tool won't bend, break or rust.

Fits great in your pocket as well as your wallet.


  1. Flat screwdriver
  2. Phillips screwdriver
  3. Bottle opener
  4. Ear bud wrap
  5. Hair tie holder
  6. Phone Kickstand
  7. Orange peeler
  8. Inch ruler
  9. Centimeter ruler
  10. 7/16" wrench
  11. 3/8" wrench
  12. 11/32" wrench
  13. 5/16" wrench
  14. 1/4" wrench
  15. 3/16" wrench
  16. 5.5 mm wrench
  17. 7 mm wrench
  18. 8 mm wrench
  19. 10 mm wrench
  20. 11 mm wrench
  21. 13 mm wrench

(Rarely TSA agents make mistakes, so be sure to mention to them that Pocket Monkey X has no blade.)

Size: Length: 3 1/4", Width: 2", Depth 1/32".

Made in: Portland, ME

Lead time: 1 to 3 days

About the Manufacturer

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Portland, ME

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