Tim McGuire

Handmade Wood Spurtle

This rustic styled Handmade Wood Spurtle is made in the USA and designed for stirring deep pots of soups and sauces. This version is a "Couthie Spurtle" which doubles as a slender spatula and all purpose tool. It has a charming design with a chiseled handle that's easy to grip and feels good in your hand. 

These beautiful Handmade Wood Spurtles make cherished gifts and family heirlooms.

What is a Spurtle? Spurtles date back to fifteenth century Scotland and are kitchen tools used to stir thick porridge, soup and stews. They come in a range of styles and sizes and tend to be made of wood.

Custom has it that spurtles should be used with the right hand to stir in a clockwise direction.

Each piece is hand chiseled and shaped from raw, ethically harvested urban lumber and finished with organic olive oil and beeswax.

Don't forget to get some Original Fabulous Spoon Butta to help maintain your treasured wood kitchenware.

“Urban Lumber” is wood that has been harvested from residential areas, business complexes, parks and areas being cleared for development. If not used, it may end up as firewood, be chipped for mulch or even end up in landfills.

Due to the nature of each item being individually handmade, variations will occur with wood grain and appearance from those pictured. Each one is unique and beautiful. 

Size: Length 15", Width 2 1/2". Sizes are approximate.

Made in: Rock Island, IL

Lead time: 1 to 3 days

About the Manufacturer

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Tim McGuire
Rock Island, IL

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Artisan Tim McGuire was already a woodworker when he met his wife Molly. But after he made some wood utensils for his family, it really gave soul to his work. Now, Tim...

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sadly, disappointed
Thanks for the review and feedback Amy on the Handmade Wood Spurtle. These items are more rustic and not as finely finished as the work from some of our other makers. The style maintains more individuality between the pieces and more of the marks of the carver. Sorry that the item did not meet your expectations. We will reach out to you with information on how to return them.
It's good to hear that you like the Handmade Wood Spurtle Gloria. Thanks for the review and for supporting local Artisans and small businesses.
Looks magical, but is really practical
Hi Yarn Junky. Thanks for your review. We're glad you're 'delighted' with your Handmade Wood Spurtle. Enjoy! Thanks too for supporting local Artisans and small businesses. It makes a big difference.

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