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Leon Hoffman

Handmade Wood Back Massager

Handmade Wood Back Massager

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This Handmade Wood Back Massager is turned on a lathe by a master Artisan. Roll it and rub it up and down the middle of the back, applying light pressure on either side of the spine.

Start out gently at first to see how it feels. You can also gently work it into the area between the vertebrae to stimulate the acupressure points along the spine. Acupressure points are where nerves branch off from the spine to the arms, heart, lungs and other organs. It also may be relaxing to gently massage it into the neck and shoulder area and especially the area between the shoulder blades.

Be extremely gentle and seek medical advice before using on people suffering from back injuries.

This solid one piece design is Artisan crafted from Cherry (Medium) and Black Walnut (Dark).

Due to the handmade nature of these items, each one will be unique and not exactly as pictured.

Materials: Walnut, Cherry, Walnut Oil, Olive Oil

Size: 12" long, peaks are about 3 1/4" apart.

Made in:  Tilly, AR

Lead time: 3-5 days. Leon Hoffman hand carves his work from wood that is sustainably harvested from local land. This process can take a little extra time, but it's worth the wait for these craftsman pieces.

About the Maker

Leon Hoffman

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Leon Hoffman and his wife are "back to the landers." They have lived on their wild farm in Tilly, AR for over forty years. This is just the kind of guy we love at LocalWe.... read more »

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Libby Harter (Bonney Lake, US)

Handmade French Rolling Pin

Thanks Libby for the review and for supporting local artisans and small businesses.

Jennifer Leirado (Culver City, US)

I’m always a little skeptical, buying anything off of Facebook, but this little mahogany pin is really really beautiful. Used it for the first time this morning and it rolled well, cleaned easy and it’s now one of my most favorite kitchen pieces that I have. Well done!

Thanks for taking the time to write a review Jennifer and for supporting local artisans and small businesses. It's so great to hear how well your Handmade French Rolling Pin works for you and that you had a good experience with your purchase. Enjoy using it!

Chris Wirth (Dallas, US)

Top quality. So glad to have both the large and small sizes. Thank you!

Thanks for the review Chris. We're glad to hear that you like both sizes of the Handmade French Rolling Pin. Enjoy using them. And thanks too for supporting local artisans and small businesses.

Erin Lisowski (Milwaukee, US)

Love it! Excited to use it.

Thanks for the review Erin and for supporting local artisans and small businesses. We're glad to hear that you love your Handmade French Rolling Pin. We wish you many years of good use with it. Enjoy.

Anne May (Phoenix, US)
Have been looking for one of these forever

Love the 12" size, it's perfect for rolling out flour tortillas. Very smoothly finished, well balanced and a piece of art.

Thanks for the review Anne. We appreciate your taking the time to write it. We hope you enjoy using your Handmade French Rolling Pin with your favorite baking recipes. Thanks too for supporting local artisans and small businesses.