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Leon Hoffman

Handmade Spinning Top - Kids Toy

Handmade Spinning Top - Kids Toy

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Testimonial: "I have this top lying on my sideboard. It is beautiful. When the grandkids come they love it. But, I find what is most fun is that, every single adult, without fail, picks it up and takes it for a spin. Every single time. Makes me smile."Β 

This Spinning Top brings back childhood memories of the hours spent making it go. Even more popular in the 1700 and 1800's they have all but disappeared from the kids rooms of today. This version is handmade by an Artisan with a nylon tip and launcher and can spin for a full 2 minutes.Β No batteries or screens here.

Instructions: Put the top completely into the small hole in the launcher so that the top's stem, containing a tiny hole, appears in the larger launcher window. Plug the hardened tip of the launching string in the hole in the top stem and wind up the string by rotating the top. It's easier than it sounds and part of the fun. Hold the launcher firmly in one hand while pulling the string rapidly outward to spin the top. You'll get great at it and competitive with practice.

Who can spin it the longest? Who can knock out their opponent?

Helps with hand/eye coordination as well as patience and attention skills.

Great for kids birthdays, holiday gifts or gifts for no reason.

Not recommended for children under 4 years old.

Due to the handmade nature of these items,Β each one will beΒ unique and not exactly as pictured.

Materials: Walnut, Cherry, Walnut Oil, Olive Oil and Glue.

Size: 5" x 4"

Made in: Β Tilly, AR

Lead time:Β 3-5 days.Β Leon HoffmanΒ hand carves his work from wood that is sustainably harvested from local land. This process can take a little extra time, but it's worth the wait for these craftsman pieces.

About the Maker

Leon Hoffman

>Shop Local Arkansas

Leon Hoffman and his wife are "back to the landers." They have lived on their wild farm in Tilly, AR for over forty years. This is just the kind of guy we love at LocalWe.... read more »

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Customer Reviews

Based on 215 reviews
Erin Lisowski (Milwaukee, US)

Love it! Excited to use it.

Thanks for the review Erin and for supporting local artisans and small businesses. We're glad to hear that you love your Handmade French Rolling Pin. We wish you many years of good use with it. Enjoy.

Anne May (Phoenix, US)
Have been looking for one of these forever

Love the 12" size, it's perfect for rolling out flour tortillas. Very smoothly finished, well balanced and a piece of art.

Thanks for the review Anne. We appreciate your taking the time to write it. We hope you enjoy using your Handmade French Rolling Pin with your favorite baking recipes. Thanks too for supporting local artisans and small businesses.

A.M. (Phoenix, US)
Traditional Rolling Pin

Saw this and had to have it. The cheap ones I had kept breaking at the handle screw. This is a beautiful piece of work, solid easy to handle. Love it!

Thanks for the review Anne. We're glad you 'love' your Handmade Traditional Rolling Pin. Enjoy! And thanks for supporting local artisans and small businesses. It makes a big difference.

Carla Gwilliam (Nampa, US)
Rolling pin

Love the look and feel. Well made can't wait to use it

Cheyenne Watts (Pompano Beach, US)
Beautifully simple French rolling pins

We've bought 3 already - they're made to last, and are of a really nice hardwood.

Thanks for the review Cheyenne and for supporting local artisans and small businesses. Enjoy your Handmade French Rolling Pins.