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Leon Hoffman

Handmade Jumpin' Jack Rabbit - Kids Toy

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These Handmade Jumpin' Jack Rabbit Kids Toys are fun for all ages. Common in colonial days, you don't see them around as much anymore. These are Artisan crafted from Ozark Cherry.

Helps with hand/eye coordination as well as patience and attention skills.

Instructions: Hold the sticks and the rabbit straight up and down. When you squeeze the sticks together at the bottom, watch as the rabbit magically rises. The rabbit heads right over the top with a tighter squeeze. Practice makes perfect to get the rabbit a leg up, to land on his back, do a belly flop, land on his butt, hang from his ankles or even do a rare handstand. No batteries or screens here.

Great for kids birthdays, holiday gifts or gifts for no reason.

Not recommended for children under 4 years old.

Does not include Ball and Cup toys.

Due to the handmade nature of these items, each one will be unique and not exactly as pictured.

Materials: Walnut, Cherry, Walnut Oil, Olive Oil and Glue.

Size: 12" x 3"

Made in:  Tilly, AR

Lead time: 3-5 days. Leon Hoffman hand carves his work from wood that is sustainably harvested from local land. This process can take a little extra time, but it's worth the wait for these craftsman pieces.

About the Manufacturer

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Leon Hoffman
Tilly, AR

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Leon Hoffman and his wife are "back to the landers." They have lived on their wild farm in Tilly, AR for over forty years. This is just the kind of guy we love...

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Customer Reviews

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Fantastic Toy!

I would recommend this toy to anyone - young or old. It delivers hours of interactive joy - just a wonderful toy 😊

Thanks Hannah. It's great to hear how much you like the Handmade Jumpin' Jack Rabbit - Kids Toy. It certainly does offer a lot of fun time, and with no batteries or screens! Thanks for the review and for supporting local artisans and small businesses. It makes a big difference.

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