Leon Hoffman

Handmade French Rolling Pin

Limited supply so act fast. They won't last long.

The curved profile of this Artisan crafted, Handmade French Tapered Rolling Pin makes it easier to roll out a pie crust, pastry or even cookies. This style of rolling pin was featured on Julia Child's cooking shows for 50 years. The shape pushes the dough outward for a uniform thickness. Chefs love these. 

This solid one piece design is Artisan crafted from Cherry (Medium) or Black Walnut (Dark).

These beautiful tapered rolling pins make memorable gifts. The small size even makes a great starter rolling pin for an aspiring child chef.

Due to the handmade nature of these items, each one will be unique and not exactly as pictured.

Materials: Walnut, Cherry, Walnut Oil, Olive Oil

Size: Small is approximately 12" and Large is approximately 17"

Made in: Tilly, AR

Lead time: 7-10 days. Leon Hoffman hand carves his work from wood that is sustainably harvested from local land. This process can take a little extra time, but it's worth the wait for these craftsman pieces.

About the Manufacturer

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Leon Hoffman
Tilly, AR

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Founder Leon Hoffman and his wife are "back to the landers." They have lived on their wild farm in Tilly, AR for over forty years. This is just the kind of guy we...

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Fabulous rolling pin

Another beautiful hand made kitchen tool. Perfect size for most baking projects. I have collected most of these beautifully made tools from these craftsmen and women.

Hi Megan. Thanks so much for the review. We're glad that you like the Handmade French Rolling Pin. Thanks too for supporting LocalWe and small business!!!
Best rolling pin EVER!

Over the years I’ve used many types of rolling pins, but this one is so smooth & easy to use. The craftsmanship is outstanding, like a piece of art with the way it’s cut an smoothed so you see the grain in the wood and I’m looking forward to using it for many many MANY more years to come!! It will be displayed rather than put in a drawer, that’s for sure!!

Hi Victoria. Thanks for the review of our Handmade French Rolling Pin. We are really proud of them so it means everything for us to hear how much you like yours and that you plan on using it for many years! Thanks too for supporting LocalWe and small business.
French rolling pin

Wood is high quality, size is very good!

Hi Kathleen. Thanks for the review!!! It's good to hear that you like the Handmade French Rolling Pin. We hope that you get a lot of use out of it with all of your favorite recipes. Thanks too for supporting LocalWe and small business.
Handmade French Rolling Pin

The craftmanship on the rolling pin is beautiful! I purchased this for my
daughter, who moved into a new home, for her birthday because we were cookie baking at Christmas and she did not own a rolling pin. We both love to support handmade craftsmanship because we both are makers as well. It shipped quickly too!

Thanks for your review Tracey!!! We’re so glad to hear that you and your daughter like the craftmanship on the Handmade French Rolling Pin! It sounds like it made a great gift for her since it was her birthday, she moved into a new home and you were making Christmas cookies together. These are the kind of stories that we like to hear about from our friends. Cheers to you both for being makers yourselves! We’d love to see some pics of the things you make if you’d send them along! Thanks too Tracey for supporting LocalWe and small business.
Rolling Pin

Oh my gosh! I love this rolling pin. It is made very well and exactly what I was looking for. The whole process with LocalWe was great. I will definitely purchase from them in the future.

Thanks for the review Donetta. We really appreciate your letting us know that you love the Handmade French Rolling Pin and had a good experience with the purchase process. We work really hard at ensuring the satisfaction of every customer. Thanks too for supporting LocalWe and small business!

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