Funny girl with a pineapple on her head.

What's with that Pineapple Logo?

You may have noticed that our logo includes a pineapple that looks like it's being offered to you by a pair of hands. What's with that anyway?

LocalWe is a socially conscious business, which means that we are about more than profits. We are about creating positive change and making valuable contributions to communities, customers and our staff. In addition to supporting small businesses, we give back a portion of our time and profits to community organizations focused on helping children in need to realize their full potential. The cause is very dear to us and being a company that gives back in this way is a big part of why we are in business.

The pineapple is a symbol of warmth, hospitality, good cheer and luck. In western cultures you may see one carved above the entryway of a house. In eastern cultures it has important meaning as well. You may see it as part of a Chinese New Year celebration and the Chinese word for pineapple sounds a lot like Chinese for "luck coming your way."

We are committed to bringing warmth, hospitality, good cheer and luck to homeless and needy kids through our good work. It is so important to us that we chose the offering of a pineapple as our logo to remind us everyday what we are all about.

LocalWe is a socially responsible business. Our mission is to help people buy unique quality products made by small businesses to support jobs and communities. We are an alternative to buying mass produced products through the big retailers. We give back a portion of our time and profits to help kids in need to reach their full potential. Thanks for visiting us.

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