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Wooden Bowls

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Wooden Bowls

Our Wooden Bowls are made in the USA by Artisan woodworkers. Our styles include decorative wood bowls, as well as bowls that can be used for holding special jewelry, fruit or other items in your home. They're hand carved in a variety of sustainably harvested local hard woods, including wild cherry, black walnut and other hardwoods. Look for new bowl styles to be added to the site soon.

We have different styles of wooden bowls, all of which we love, from these great local Artisans and small businesses throughout the USA.:

Dave Wurz (Rochester, NY) | Forever Green Art (Bentonville, AR) | More coming soon.

Black Walnut Jewelry Bowl
Dave Wurz $32.00 $35.99
Handmade Dough Bowl
Forever Green Art from $25.99 $31.99
Handmade Wood Heart Bowl
Forever Green Art from $27.99 $34.99

Handmade Wood Round Bowl
Forever Green Art from $27.99 $34.99

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