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Microcosm Publishing
Portland, OR

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Portland's most colorful, authentic, and empowering publishing house and distributor, Microcosm Publishing equips readers to make positive changes in their lives and in the world around them. Microcosm has lived in milk crates, closets, a mud room, a windowless basement, a church, and under a desk at a credit card company. They've brought their brightly colored books to infoshops, zine fests, media summits, bicycle conferences, parks, street corners, house shows, dirty bars, all-­night coffeeshops, art museums, and every corner of the mainstream where they could clear away a little space to set up shop. Now they have a staff, with relationships in the industry and send their books to places they wouldn't have dreamed they could walk to. But still, at heart, they've got a milk crate strapped to the back of a bike and are riding wildly across town to hand you the book that might just be the one that saves your life!