A woman laughs sitting on the back of a pickup truck in her bare feet after taking off her cowboy boots

What is a Boot Jack and How Do You Use It?

Boot Jack

What is a Boot Jack and How Do You Use It?

You had a long day hauling wood on the construction site in your work boots. You were out punching doggies on the ranch in your cowboy boots. You spent a muddy afternoon in the garden in your muck boots. If you’re lucky, you were out all night showing off your best Cotton Eyed Joe country dance in your fancy dancing boots. When you finally get to pull your boots off, it feels great, but it might be tough to get done. That’s where the Boot Jack comes in.

What is a Boot Jack?

A Boot Jack, sometimes known as a Boot Pull, is a tool that helps you pry your boots off your tired feet. The main parts of the device are a u-shaped mouth and a base.

Woman using a handmade hardwood boot jack to remove her tall boots

How Do You Use a Boot Jack?

Bend way over, stoop down and balance on one foot until your back hurts and you almost fall. Just kidding, that’s the regular way. Here are the real steps for how to use a Boot Jack:

Steps for How to Use a Boot Jack:

  1. Put your foot on the base.
  2. Wedge the heal of your boot foot in the open mouth on the front.
  3. Easily pull your boot foot out of the boot.

Lastly, let out a sigh of relief and maybe a long “ooh.” That’s it. You’ll never know how you got along without it.

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