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Rolling Pins Make Wonderful Family Heirlooms

Rolling Pins Make Wonderful Family Heirlooms

Rolling pins are special kitchen utensils that can be passed down to future generations and carry with them all of the wonderful family memories they help create.

"Remember when grandma used this old rolling pin to roll out the dough for her famous rhubarb pie?"

"Remember when mom chased cousin Mike around the kitchen with this rolling pin for sneaking a biscuit before dinner?"

"Remember when aunt Laura would talk all year about how this rolling pin was the secret to her delicious Christmas cookies?"

The Types of Rolling Pins

French Rolling Pins: This style of rolling pin was featured on Julia Child's cooking shows for 50 years. Chefs love that French Rolling Pins have tapered ends to push the dough outward for a uniform thickness.

Traditional Rolling Pins: These rolling pins have an even cylindrical shape for the rolling surface and handles on either end. Some chefs prefer the shape of these Traditional Rolling pins.

Whether you prefer the French or traditional rolling pins, these special kitchen utensils can become an important part of the family memories made around the kitchen that get passed down with them through the generations.

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