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Handmade Jewelry - Earrings

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Types of Handmade Jewelry:

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Discover our selection of beautiful Handmade Jewelry. We have ethically made, Artisan and Boho styles with genuine pearls, natural stones and fine, exotic metals. You'll love them as gifts for you or your favorite handmade jewelry fan. 

Turquoise Cluster Chandelier Earrings - Made in the USA
Turquoise Cluster Chandelier Earrings
Turquoise Cluster Chandelier Earrings
Gena Myint $143.00 $159.00

Garnet Cluster Vermeil Earrings - Made in the USA
Garnet Cluster Vermeil Earrings
Garnet Cluster Vermeil Earrings
Gena Myint $66.00 $78.00

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