What's a Garden Dibble?

What's a Garden Dibble?

What's a Garden Dibble?

A dibble is the best tool for planting seeds or seedlings in your garden. Dibbles are also called dibbers or dibblers.

Dibbles date back to Roman times and have remained mostly unchanged. Up until the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, farmers continued to used dibbles to plant their crops. One person walked ahead with a dibble making holes and a second person would follow planting seeds in each hole and fill it in with dirt.

Today, dibbling is still a popular method of gardening for putting a seed or a few seeds or seedlings in a hole or pit or pocket, made at predetermined spacing and depth with a dibble and covering them with soil.

Handmade artisan garden dibbles

What does a dibble do?

dibble makes small holes to be used for planting seeds or transplanting vegetable or flower seedlings or other baby plants into your garden. The dimensions of the holes made by a dibble are approximately 2 inches in diameter and and 1 to 4 inches deep. Just push the dibble into the ground until your hole reaches the desired depth.

A gardeners hands planting seelings

What are the benefits of dibbling? 

Using a dibble makes it easier to create a hole with just one motion of pushing the dibble into the ground while setting up the excess dirt around the hole to be pushed back in later. It also makes it easier to create holes that are a consistent depth and width for your seed and seedlings. Consistent planting yields healthier plants that require less maintenance.

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