A three wick candle made in a bunny shaped dough bowl

How to Make a Dough Bowl Candle

How to Make a Dough Bowl Candle

What is a dough bowl candle?

It is a relatively simple process to make a dough bowl candle, which has become very popular. Rustic natural containers are easy to work with and can be reused time and time again. For our candle, we used a handmade wood bunny shaped bowl for a seasonal flare.

Refillable candle wax kits are very popular or the empty bowl can be used as a centerpiece to hold favorite items after your candle has burned down. Since these containers are hand carved, they fit well with knife marks found in farmhouse décor. The rustic appeal is enhanced by its minor cracks.

You will need the following materials to make dough bowl candles:

  • A dough bowl
  • Candle wax container
  • An oil that smells nice
  • Wicks for candles
  • Wick centering tools
  • Making candles pouring pitcher

To make dough bowl candles:

  • You can either use a natural dough bowl or one that has been stained. (You may prepare the surface first by staining it a different color).
  • Attach the wick to the dough bowl.
  • Over medium heat, melt the container candle wax in the pouring pitcher.
  • Cool the wax to 135 degrees F after adding fragrance oil.
  • Fill the bowl by pouring the candle wax in it. The longer you let it stand, the firmer it becomes.
  • When using cotton wicks, center them to the wall of the bowl.

With wood not conducting heat, candle wax poured at a lower temperature will congeal on contact with the surface of the bowl and will not leak. If necessary, you can use a heat tool to touch up the container candle, as you would with any other candle. For reducing frosting and rough tops, add 10% paraffin.

Dough bowl candles contain how much wax?

They range in multiple sizes but generally contain around 14 ounces

Selecting the correct wick size for a dough bowl candle

Generally speaking, a dough bowl candle should have the same wick size as a candle with multiple wicks. It is important to line up the wicks to the length of the bowl. The wick size should be determined according to the width of the bowl. It is important to keep the melt pool at least 1/8″ from the edge of the bowl so that the bowl does not leak as it is burned. It is possible to "over wick" the candle, which may create a mess and cause the candle to burn fast. Your wicks need to be tested before use.

If you are concerned that raw wood may leak, seal the outside of the candle if you are uncomfortable with the possibility. To keep the look of your bowl, you can seal the outside with a sealer. As long as raw wood remains cool, wax can also seal it naturally.

A lit bunny shaped dough bowl candle

What are the safety precautions for dough bowl candles?

A wick and candle selected for this candle are selected for a medium flame at a lower temperature. It shouldn't be an aggressive melt pool as is traditionally seen. Unattended candles are dangerous, so be careful.

Dough bowls and wicks can be tricky to attach. A tack should be placed on both sides of the wick tab to secure it to the bowl.

What to put in a dough bowl candle

Natural twine tied around a dough bowl candle and a tag attached in the middle make the candle look nice. Tissue paper can be used to wrap it and bubble wrap can be used to package it for shipment.

Keeping candles fresh longer requires storing them in a basket-type shrink wrap poly bag. Homemade gifts like this can be made a few weeks before an event. Like most candles, they store well, but we suggest protecting them from dust and handling. Candles in dough bowl shapes and colors can be purchased to match your home décor or as gifts.

There is a growing trend for primitive décor candles right now. There is something cozy and appealing about this look that suits a wide variety of homes and tastes. These bowls can be reused both as refilled containers and as bowls for other purposes after the candle burns down.

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