A butter board made on a walnut cutting board and sitting on a serving table

How to Make a Butter Board

How to Make a Butter Board

A butter board is a popular new foodie trend that’s all the rage on TikTok. It’s an alternative to a charcuterie board and a great way to give your guests something different. Butter boards are perfect appetizers for dinner parties, birthdays and family holidays. We spent the morning making one for guests, and boy was it a hit.

To make our butter board, you'll need: 

A cutting board
Fig spread
Nut and berry mix

Bread or crackers

5 Steps for How to Make a Butter Board

1. Let your butter get to room temperature.

We let our butter sit out on the counter for about an hour and that did the trick. You need it to warm up enough so that it’s easy to spread, but not too much that it melts. We used salted butter to complement our other ingredients. 
Salted butter sitting on a cutting board

    2. Spread your butter out on your board.

    The back of a spoon works well to spread the butter out on your favorite cutting board. We recommend a thickness of about ¼ inch. 
    Butter spread out on a cutting board to make a butter board

      3. Arrange your ingredients.

      It’s best to arrange like flavors together. Savory and sweet flavors work well on opposite sides of the board. 
        We chose to make our butter board with fig spread, nut and berry mix and bruschetta for a variety of flavors for our guests to enjoy. Other ideas include herbs, everything bagel seasoning, berries, chocolate shavings, honey and garlic. You’re limited only by your imagination. We're thinking about trying edible flowers on our next butter board.
        A butter board appetizer for dinners and holidays

        4. Arrange your bread or crackers.

        We chose to outline our board with sliced French bread that we bought already toasted at the grocery store to save a step. It went very well with our other flavors. You may also try different kinds of crackers or breadsticks. 

          5. Decorate your butter board with other ingredients.

          After we arranged our bread, we didn’t have a lot of room left over, but we squeezed in a roasted garlic bulb that our guests loved. Other ideas for our board if we had the room would have been sliced peppers, strawberries and blueberries. 
          A butter board with sliced toasted French bread

            You’ll be happy to hop on the butter board trend and treat your guests to something new with a variety of flavors. It makes a wonderful appetizer for parties, family dinners and holidays. Try our recipe or use your imagination to come up with a creative mix of ingredients your guest will love.

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