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Boho Jewelry will Make Her Go "Oh" for Your Gorgeous Gift

Boho Jewelry will Make Her Go "Oh" for Your Gorgeous Gift

You're looking for a stunning, gorgeous gift for her. Maybe it's a birthday gift, anniversary gift, bridesmaid gift or an everyday gift to say I love you. But it must be special and unique. Think about giving her some handmade Boho Jewelry

What is Boho? Boho is short for bohemian. It's an elegant, trendy style that’s unconventional, creative and represents a non-conformist free spirit. That sound like her? (If so, she’s someone we’d like to hang out and have a glass of wine with.) And she’ll freak out if you're thoughtful enough to choose a gift of handmade Boho Jewelry for her.

An Artisan Story

Handmade Boho Jewelry always comes with an inspiring Artisan story. The maker may have learned to love jewelry making by playing around in her grandmother’s workshop or as a young designer in her father’s jewelry business. She may give back to an organization that supports disadvantaged women. She may have been encouraged to start her business by friends who loved the things she made. Either way, there’s always a story to be told and it's so rewarding to learn about the Artisan that hand crafted that beautiful piece you love.

Handmade Boho Jewelry

These pieces are designed and made directly by Artisans. Early in the quiet time before the kids jump out of bed. Late at night in her converted basement workspace. In a loft that is room for a team of Artisans and an outlet for their artistic passions. As a flexible way to help support the family. These pieces are put together by the Artisan’s own hands.

Made with Love

The designer lays awake at night, all too excited about her vision for a new piece. Then she has the rewarding experience of seeing it come to life. She puts her love into each one that is made. It may inspire the next design. That love shines through in each piece and through the lucky lady who wears it.

A Unique Work of Art

No clanking, clacking, humming, high volume machines spewing out massive amounts of cookie cutter products here. Each one is a unique representation of the Artisan’s design. An extra wire twist, an extra tool mark. Each one is beautiful and one of a kind.

Quality Materials

Small batches allow Artisan’s to focus on the quality of their pieces. Their love for them outweighs the desire to squeeze out every penny of profit. So you end up with something that you can wear for many years to come, as well as love and be proud of.

Your Purchase Makes a Difference

When you by from a local small business, your purchase makes a difference to the Artisan in terms of feeding their love of sharing their art. But it also makes a difference because each sale makes up a more meaningful percentage of a small businesses’ money coming in. It doesn’t get lost in some huge financial engine or as a drop of fuel in the corporate jet. You can feel good that you're supporting that Artisan’s passions and rewarding their entrepreneurial spirit too.

Your money stays in a local community

When you buy from a local handmade Boho Jewelry maker, profits are not diverted to a corporate parent in some other country. They go to pay for rent, piano lessons, gymnastics or an anniversary dinner. They stay right in the same community where the products are made. That’s amazing.

These are all great reasons to choose handmade Boho Jewelry as a gift for her. But…that hug you’ll get is reason enough. Happy shopping.

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