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Beard Grooming Tips: 5 Ways to Maintain Your Beard

June 22, 2019

Beard Grooming Tips: 5 Ways to Maintain Your Beard

While there is no right or wrong way to maintain your beard, there are definitely tips and processes guys can follow to make your life easier. Once you find a system that works, it’s much easier to maintain your look – without complications – over the long haul.

Growing a beard is one thing, but maintaining it is a different beast entirely. It takes daily care and attention to detail to keep your beard looking its best.

Here are a few products and tools that make it easier to maintain your beard:

  1. Beard oil: While regular washing of your beard is important, it also strips away some of its natural oil. Fortunately, with high quality beard oil, you can quickly balance the natural oils to give your beard the best look possible.
  2. Utility balm: It’s not something everyone uses, but it’s growing in popularity. Also known as beard cream and beard butter, it’s perfect for both styling and conditioning. 
  3. Beard comb: Just the same as your hair, you need to comb your beardregularly. Not all beard combs are created equal, and cheaper options don’t always give you what you’re looking for. From a standard-size to a pocket comb, learn more about your many options.
  4. Scissors: Without scissors, you’ll find it next to impossible to maintain your beard. You don’t use these to make big adjustments or remove your beard entirely, but it’s the perfect tool for shaping and trimming.
  5. Beard wash: It’s not necessary to wash your beard every day. In fact, it’s not a good idea, as it’ll quickly dry it out. It’s best to wash your beard two or three times per week, using a beard wash product that’s designed to keep it both clean and healthy.

With so many products to choose from, you should never be at a loss when it comes to maintaining your beard.

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