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5 Reasons We Love Handmade Wooden Toys (Hint: #1 is "No Screens.")

5 Reasons We Love Handmade Wooden Toys

Technology has made major improvements to our lives - there’s no doubt about that. But it has also separated us from warm, personal interaction with other people that is such an important part of a rich and fulfilling life full of cherished memories. Handmade Wooden Toys bring a little of the old-fashioned world back to our kids, keeping their faces away from screens and helping them to make their own cherished memories.

5 Reasons We Love Handmade Wooden Toys

1. No Screens. Of the many improvements technology has made to our lives, iHunch is not one of them. (iHunch is a common neck problem caused by too much staring down at a screen). I must admit though that I do enjoy the meme of a woman walking into a mall fountain while she looked down at her phone. None of that comes with Handmade Wooden Toys, instead you get wood, old-fashioned craftsmanship and fun.

2. You Remember Them from When You Were A Kid. Maybe you drove your parents nuts fighting with your sister over it in the back seat of the car. Or had a long-running holiday competition with your uncle. Either way, these Handmade Wooden Toys became part of fond childhood memories.

3. They Can be Family Heirlooms. My grandmother had a worn out old wooden cow toy that was abused by generations of kids, grandkids and great grandkids. It could not have gotten more play time. It could not have been a simpler toy. I know because I ended up with it and it is one of my most prized possessions.

4. You Know the Story of the Person Who Made Them. Who made that iPhone? I mean who was the actual person? Was there one? With Handmade Wooden Toys you can get to know something about the red-blooded human who made your favorite little toy. It becomes part of what you love about it.

5. They Teach Coordination, Patience and Attention Skills. Hours spent trying to do it, whatever is the object of the toy, requires focus and mastery of certain movements to be successful or to beat your cousin if that’s the goal. The coordination, patience and attention benefits stay with you.

Some Examples of Cherished Handmade Wooden Toys

Ball and Cup Game. “I got it in.” “I made it 10 times in a row.” “Ok, ok, it’s my turn.” These were all sounds that came from the back seat on the way to whatever family occasion. Mom and Dad were probably happy when you finally arrived. But the Ball and Cup Game is one that we can all remember practicing when we were kids.

Jumpin’ Jack Rabbit. This one requires some practice. But if you do practice, you can learn to impress your friends by making the rabbit do a belly flop, land on his butt, hang from his ankles or even manage a rare handstand.

Marble Maze. How many aspiring engineer's first projects were to impress their parents by arranging the squares just right to make the most creative path for the marble to take around the maze? It teaches spatial design and elemental engineering design concepts. 

Spinning Top. This one must have logged the most hours of fun play and competition. When you master the set up and pull action that make it work, it can be a blast. Who can make the top spin the longest or knock out the opponent’s top?

Handmade Wooden Toys are great fun and contribute to the hours of child’s play that make memories that last long into adulthood. They can be passed down through the generations as cherished family heirlooms. And the best thing is, they do not cause iHunch.

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