Small Business Profile: Edye's Naturals

Small Business Profile: Edye's Naturals

Edye's Naturals makes organic skincare products in Lawrence Township, NJ.

Here are 3 great things about them:

1. Edye Dumhart was a competitive sailor whose own sun-damaged skin sent her on a journey to find the best organic-healing ingredients.

2. They use only premium, truly organic ingredients.

3. This stuff really works. I use Edye's Face and Body Butter every day and it has reduced the appearance of wrinkles around my eyes. 

Check out Edye's Naturals' products: Click here

LocalWe is a socially responsible business. Our mission is to help people buy unique quality products made by small businesses to support jobs and communities. We are an alternative to buying mass produced products through the big retailers. We give back a portion of our time and profits to help kids in need to reach their full potential. Thanks for visiting us.

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