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Nick Mayer Art

Osprey Study Print

Osprey, Pandion haliaetus

Ospreys are birds of prey that live on all continents of the globe and feed primarily on fish.  It is quite a moving experience to see one plunge into the water and then fly away with a fish.

Nick recommends size: Small

Lead time: 2 to 4 days

Made in: Lincoln, VT 

About the Manufacturer

Nick Mayer Art
Lincoln, VT

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Nick Mayer is an award winning nature illustrator whose style embraces the natural beauty of fish and other marine life with a unique scientific perspective. He is a former marine biologist, an adventurer and a lifelong fly fishing addict. Nick was inspired to pursue his true calling as an artist after falling overboard from a fishing boat into the Bering Sea then surviving a near crash in a float plan. Painting is his passion and he has developed a celebrated touch.

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