Progress Coffee

Organic Micro Lot Honduras - Coffee

Progress roasts this blend from Organic Micro Lot Honduras beans.

Smoked nuttiness and wood form the base of this coffee with added citrus body.

BECAMO S.A., recognized as one of the top coffee exporters in America, is located in the Santa Rosa de Copan region of Honduras. BECAMO was founded by Emilio Medina in 1983 and became part of the Nuemann Kaffee Gruppe in 1989 and has expanded to be the most advanced processing facility in Central America.

The BECAMO program is dedicated to reaching very consistent and high quality levels in coffee, relying on strict protocols and a social responsibility from its company to its producers. Their mission statement is "We search for the best coffee producers, trees and microclimates in order to address key issues like quality consistency, human development and environmental accountability. With this conviction and through the use of strict guidelines, we promote the development of high quality attributes reaching out customer's needs."

Weight: 16 oz

Made In: Austin, TX

Lead Time: 1 - 3 Days

About the Manufacturer

Progress Coffee

Austin, TX

Progress roasts fine coffee entirely by hand from beans carefully sourced from around the world. Zero automation means they never step away from your coffee. They roast in small batches with special care given to each step of the process. Roasts cover the spectrum so you can choose your favorite.

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