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Men's Dopp Bag - Brown

Impress that special someone away from home with our new line of QP Dopp Kits specially made by hand to withstand the weather and wear of your travels.

Each Dopp Kit is designed to hold your toiletries and travel items and is made from their highest quality Horween leather.

Size: 8.5" Wide, 5" Tall, 5" Deep

Made In: Provo, Utah

Lead Time: 3 - 4 Days

About the Manufacturer

QP Collections

Provo, UT

When the founder, Quinn, was young, his family always shopped second hand, and he was never pleased with how his clothing fit. He found a sewing machine and learned how to modify his clothes. As he got older, he began making custom clothing and accessories. While he was in school and working two jobs, his items began to sell. Now he has a team of seamstresses that helps to produce each product here in the USA.

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