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Doc Spartan

ArmPit Armor - All Natural Deodorant

Up armor your underarms with Doc Spartan all-natural, activated-charcoal deodorant.

Built for action takers:Doc Spartan developed the ArmPit Armor for those who live a hard-charging, active lifestyle. Men and women who train like savages but don't want to smell like one. 

Why choose an all natural deodorant: Conventional deodorants are made with chemicals like aluminum as their active ingredients. There are enough nasty pollutants floating around in the environment (especially for those who have deployed). It’s time to stop applying them directly to our body’s largest organ, our skin.

Scents: the Original has a clean tea tree and lavender scent. The Lemongrass is a citrus breeze scent. Both scents are unisex, not overpowering and very clean. 

Lead time: 2 to 4 days

Made in: Portsmouth, OH

About the Manufacturer

Doc Spartan
Portsmouth, OH

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As Seen on Shark Tank. "This Veteran-owned company is really badass. I love it. Dale and Renee have achieved the perfect balance of edge and substance." - Robert Herjavec.

Doc Spartan is a Veteran-owned company proudly based in Portsmouth, Ohio. The founders, Dale King and Renee Wallace are dedicated to producing 100% all-natural products for your skin and beard. They are a true small business that believes in the American dream and relies on the support of their friends and families.

Every order is handmade, labeled and shipped out by their small team.

The team landed a successful deal with Robert Herjavec after their appearance on Shark Tank. A year later, Robert would name Doc Spartan one of his best...

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