Minimal Vase

These Minimal Vases are simple, bright forms and will fit in with any aesthetic. They are designed to be used in a variety of ways (flowers, utensil holder, candles, plants, etc.). The vases come in 3 sizes. Each vase is handmade and finished in a signature ivory glaze.

Each piece goes through a seven-day process that involves clay mixing, casting, carving, cleaning, glazing and kiln firing.


Small: 3.75” d x 3.75” h

Medium: 4.5” d x 5.57"” h

Large: 5” d x 7” h

Made in: Kansas City, MO

Lead time: 1 - 3 days

About the Manufacturer


Kansas City, MO

Convivial is committed to creating beautiful, ethically made ceramic wares, handmade in the USA. Founder Chentell Shannon started the business as a one-woman show. Now, eight talented, hardworking women operate out of their own manufacturing and design space, handcrafting each piece with traditional ceramic processes.

Their mission is to produce wares that inspire others in a life of conviviality - a friendly, lively atmosphere shared with good company.

Convivial uses 100% recyclable materials for all of their shipping needs. They also are strategic in their buying to reduce waste, simplify their production process and repurpose their non-recyclable items.

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