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Tim McGuire

Spoon Butta - Wood Utensil and Cutting Board Conditioner

This Original Fabulous Spoon Butta and Carving Board Conditioner is handmade in small batches with the perfect combination of natural ingredients. Use it to maintain your treasured wood kitchenware. It also smells great! 

Comes in a charming reusable 4 oz glass mason jar.

How to care for your wood kitchenware:

Keep your wood kitchenware out of the dishwasher and treat it right and it will last for years if not generations. The heat and soaking water of the dishwasher can cause it to split or warp and ruin the finish. Gently hand wash it with soap and water and towel dry. Once a month or so if you're using it regularly, rub in some Spoon Butta (or mineral oil) to season and protect it and keep it buttery soft.

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pure Local Beeswax, Sweet Orange Oil and Clove Essential Oil.

Weight: 4 oz. A little goes a long way.

Made in: Rock Island, IL

Lead time: 1 to 3 days

About the Manufacturer

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Tim McGuire
Rock Island, IL

>Shop Local Illinois

Artisan Tim McGuire was already a woodworker when he met his wife Molly. But after he made some wood utensils for his family, it really gave soul to his work. Now, Tim creates in his workshop in historic downtown Rock Island, Illinois in his...

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Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Kenneth Taber (Everett, US)
I should have bought some for myself!

Beautiful handcrafted wooden spoons and spatulas. I will be proud to give these as gifts. I admire that lost urban trees were used to create these heirloom quality tools. (Thanks for rapid shipping too)

Greg H (Johns Island, US)
Amazing Work of Art

Another work of Art from LocalWe! This is SO beautiful and so functional! Wow!

Greg H (Johns Island, US)
A work of Art

This is truly a work of Art. Beautifully made and perfect for stirring soups and gravies. LOVE it!!! Made in USA!

Hi again Greg. The Handmade Wood Stirring Spoon sure is a work of art. Too bad we can't have a chance to sample those soups and gravies! Thanks for taking the time to write a review and for supporting local artisans and small businesses!

Greg H (Johns Island, US)
Beautiful Item!

This is a very cool item. Beautifully made and will get a ton of use. Love that it is made in the USA!

Hi Greg. Thanks for your review and for supporting local artisans and small businesses. We hope you do get lots of use out of the Handmade Wood Kitchen Scraper. Enjoy!

Kathryn Stevens (Corpus Christi, US)

Handmade Wood Heavy Chef Spoon

Hi Kathryn. Thanks for your review and for supporting local artisans and small businesses. We're glad to hear that you like your Handmade Wood Heavy Chef Spoon. Enjoy!

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