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Craft Street Design

Inspirational Quote Print - "Do More of What Makes you Happy"

Hang this beautiful handmade inspirational quote print on your wall.

Get inspired to achieve your dreams, make a difference and be happy. Bring meaningful words into your busy, distracted life to remind you to take time to focus on the important things.

Makes a great gift for a loved one or friend.

Handmade to order with archival quality paper.


  • Deceptively simple, each design is first created by hand before it is digitized, a process which takes 10 to 80 hours.
  • Extensive research is used to find words that have a positive effect on people. 
  • Inspired by calligraphy, magazine typography, scandinavian design, vintage drawings and subway art.
  • Handmade in USA. 

Frame is not included in the purchase. 

Materials: Archival Paper, Ink, Love

Lead time: 1 - 2 days

Made in: Cupertino, CA

About the Manufacturer

Craft Street Designs
Cupertino, CA

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Founder Pratima Aravabhoomi (pronounced pruh-TEE-muh AH-ruh-VAH-BHOO-mee) took control of her life from an arranged marriage. She changed her life, for her, and started collecting inspirational quotes to help her to focus on what is possible. Now, through Craft Street Designs, she helps others feel the love and happines that they too deserve. She hopes you find then inpiring and beautiful.

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