Small Business Profile: Mary Elizabeth Arts

January 14, 2019

Small Business Profile: Mary Elizabeth Arts

Mary Elizabeth Arts creates original art and hand-painted glassware on their family farm in Chapel Hill, NC.

Here are 3 things to know about them:

1. Mary Elizabeth has been a painter her whole life. Her father first taught her to paint when she was only 3. Trees have always been an important focus of her work. They represent the self and every tree she paints is an expression of herself in the moment. 

2. Mary Elizabeth's studio was originally an old, double-wide school trailer.  It was transformed into her beautiful, present-day space, which is surrounded by nature that keeps her creativity flowing.

3. Mary Elizabeth loves to give back. She has volunteered her talents teaching glass and ceramic painting to artists in Haiti and as therapy for cancer patients and their families. She believes that "life is better when you share what you have!"

Check out Mary Elizabeth's products: Click here

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