Small Business Profile: Made in California

May 08, 2018

Small Business Profile: Made in California

(08/28/2019 Note: Made in California is now "Kevan Christine")

Made in California makes natural body and home care products in San Diego, CA. The company was founded by Kevan Christine after she began making products for herself that would help, not trigger, her chronic migraines.

Here are 3 great things about them:

(1) Made in California uses only fresh, natural ingredients

They source ingredients from Kevan's garden, small farms and independent U.S. suppliers and forage them in the forest.

(2) Made in California uses traditional, eco-friendly techniques

They blend the ingredients together by hand to maintain freshness and potency.

(3) Made in California's products pass the sniff-test-of-approval

All of MIC's scents must be approved by Kevan's three pugs, Fergus, Gracie and AnnahBelle.

Check out Made in California's products: Click here

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