How to use a spurtle?

January 07, 2021


How to use a spurtle?

If you’re a cooking enthusiast or kitchen connoisseur and have not been using a spurtle you are missing out. The spurtle is a wooden kitchen tool of Scottish origin that is commonly used for stirring. It’s mostly used for stews, soups and porridge. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. To the uninitiated, some shapes may be easily confused with a spatula, but the function for both kitchen utensils is very different.

Spurtle LocalWe

What does it do?

The spurtle helps to prevent lumps from forming in your porridge, soups, or stews.


Each LOCALWE spurtle is handmade and shaped from raw, ethically harvested urban lumber. It is then finished with organic olive oil and beeswax. The shape of our spurtle (it’s called a “Couthie Spurtle”) means it can do double duty as a spatula.

wood spurtle localWe

How to use it

Apparently, according to ancient legend, the spurtle is supposed to be held with the right hand and stirring should be done in a clockwise direction.

However you decide to use your LOCALWE Spurtle, this handy kitchen tool is a worthwhile addition to your kitchen utensils.

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