How to Use a Spurtle?

April 26, 2021


How to Use a Spurtle?

If you’re a cooking enthusiast or kitchen connoisseur and haven't been using a spurtle, then you might be missing out. 

What Does it Do?

A spurtle is kitchen utensil that's specially designed to stir thick pots of stews and sauces. It's design helps you scrape the sides and bottom of the pot to prevent sticking and burning. It also makes a wonderful all purpose spatula you'll find new uses for every day.

LocalWe Spurtles

LocalWe's Handmade Wood Spurtles are hand carved to order by a multi generational woodworking family in Leslie, AR. They're made from sustainably harvested local hardwoods. Each one is finished with a proprietary blend of edible cooking oils and a little beeswax.

How to Use it

To avoid sticking and burning in your pot, use the spurtle to stir your recipe frequently. The shape of the spurtle is perfect for getting the bottom, sides and the corner of the pot while you stir. 

According to legend, a spurtle should be held with the right hand and you should stir in a clockwise direction!

However you decide to use your spurtle, this handy kitchen tool is a worthwhile addition to your collection of kitchen utensils.


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