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Coronavirus and Local Small Businesses - 4 Things to Know

Coronavirus and Local Small Businesses - 4 Things to Know

In this post, LocalWe shares some information about local small businesses and the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Coronavirus has taken hold in the U.S. Americans are busy stocking up on bathroom tissue, SPAM, macaroni and cheese and other necessities. They’re watching the volatile stock market and waiting to see how the virus continues to spread. Every day, more people are working from home and there are more cancellations of schools, sporting events, concerts and conferences. Restaurants and many businesses have closed in a unprecedented event.

Local small businesses make up an important part of the American economy. Many people depend on small businesses for their livelihoods and for quality goods and services in their communities. Here are 4 things to know about how local small businesses are reacting to the spread of the Coronavirus:

4 Things to Know about Coronavirus and Local Small Businesses

  1. We are working hard to take precautions. Our businesses represent our life’s work and years of our personal efforts and we care deeply for our employees (who are often family) and customers. As we manage through the spread of the virus, we are taking action to do right by the people that count on us and to make sure that we are positioned to thrive once the virus has run its course. 

Our precautions primarily include requesting that employees work from home where possible to maximize “social distancing.” When working at home is not possible given our responsibility to our customers, we follow the Center for Disease Controls (CDC) Guidance for Businesses, which includes separating employees who show symptoms, as well as encouraging frequent hand washing and making hand sanitizer openly available in the workplace. CDC guidelines also require us to frequently clean and sanitize the workplace and to take appropriate precautions around employee travel.

  1. We operate locally. Since we tend to source our employees, materials and other resources locally, we have less risk of coming in contact with the virus than a large, multinational company has that accesses resources globally and risks exposure from areas that have dangerous levels of the virus.
  2. We are involved in the community. Many local small business people are involved in their communities through the Chamber of Commerce and other social, charitable and religious organizations. We understand the needs of the community and are positioned to lead and provide valuable assistance with implementing containment and mitigation strategies that are so important at the county and town levels.
  3. We are nimble. Compared to large organizations, a local small businesses can make decisions and react quickly to change direction as information develops. We aren’t burdened by multiple layers of management or complex corporate structures to prevent us from acting fast for the benefit of our employees and customers.

These are just some of the many things to know about how local small businesses are reacting to the spread of the Coronavirus. Every organization will have its challenges. But local small businesses are poised to manage effectively through the spread of the virus and thrive for the benefit of our employees and customer as the virus runs its course.

In the coming weeks and months, the spread of the Coronavirus is likely to develop in unexpected ways. In addition to doing your part to help to mitigate and contain the virus, you can also help by supporting and spending with your local small businesses. Your patronage makes a big difference.

If you have any comments or questions, we welcome your reaching out to LocalWe at hello@localwe.com or you can call us at (908) 251-9153.


If you require information about the Coronavirus, please visit the website for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


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