Small Business Profile: Doc Spartan

September 24, 2018

Small Business Profile: Doc Spartan

Doc Spartan makes 100% all-natural products for your skin and beard in Portsmouth, OH.

Here are 3 great things about them:

1. Doc Spartan is Veteran owned. The company was founded by former Army intelligence officer Dale King and his business partner Renee Wallace with a mission to heal America's wounds with an ointment made from essential oils.

2. They were on Shark Tank. The team landed a successful deal with Robert Herjavec after their appearance on Shark Tank. A year later, Robert would name Doc Spartan one of his best deals he ever made in the history of the show.

3. They proudly stand behind our Veterans.  Doc Spartan gives a portion of their proceeds to Team Some Assembly Required. Great job guys!

Team Some Assembly Required (SAR) is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization founded by Veterans and comprised of Veteran and civilian adaptive athletes and their supporters who are dedicated to the growth and expansion of competitive adaptive sports across multiple disciplines. Founded by Dale King and Derick Carver, former US Army officers and Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

LocalWe is a socially responsible business. Our mission is to help people buy unique quality products made by small businesses to support jobs and communities. We are an alternative to buying mass produced products through the big retailers. We give back a portion of our time and profits to help kids in need to reach their full potential. Thanks for visiting us.

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