Small Business Profile: Brewscuits

April 08, 2018

Small Business Profile: Brewscuits

Brewscuits makes healthy dog treats in Telford, PA. Here are 3 great things about them:

(1) Brewscuits is a women-owned business

Kim and Petrina are the founders of Brewscuits.

One night, while brewing their latest and greatest beer, Kim an Petrina placed their used grains on a table on the porch. Little did they know, their dogs would steal the bags in an attempt to eat the grain. After some research and lots of test batches approved by their in-house research team, the first batch of Brewscuits was born.

(2) Brewscuits upcycles craft beer grains

They partner with local craft brewers to get the "spent" grains that are a byproduct of the brewing process. The grains might otherwise go to waste or be fed to farm animals.

Brewscuits are a good source of protein. The pumpkin and sweet potato varieties are almost 16% protein and the peanut butter is more than 19% protein.

(3) Brewscuits gives back

They work with Mission K9 Rescue to send Welcome and Retirement Packages to military war dogs. They also sponsor a rescue dog of the month.

Check out Brewscuits products: Click here

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